Week of 4/21:
Walmart - AR, TN, NC, VA, MD, MS
Orschelns and Rural King - TN, AR, MO
Theisen's - IA

Week of 4/28:
Walmart - WV, VA, KY-IL-IN, TX, OK
Orschelns and Rural King - MO
CO-OP Feed Dealers - PA

Week of 5/5:
Walmart - PA, NJ, NY, OH, MI, WI
Orscheln's and Rural King - IN, OH, IL, IA, NE, KS,
CO-OP Feed Dealers - NY, CT

You can also search for the store closest to you in our new DEALER LOCATOR by clicking this link:

YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR TREES FROM FREEZING!!!  If you are buying trees at a store that are already leafed out - wait until after the threat of frost is over before planting.  This is a very cold and late winter!!  If the young leaves get frozen it may kill the tree.  So keep them in a protected location and wait to plant until winter is over - this may be late May in northern states.  This is very important!!!

4/15/14 - INTERNET ORDERS NOW ON WAIT LIST - Due to the incredible demand for Dunstan Chestnuts, we are now sold out of trees for shipping UPS and are putting all new orders on a Wait List.  Once we complete shipping all of the confirmed orders through 3/23/14, if we have any additional inventory we will fill these orders on a first come, first serve basis.  Please email or call to get on a Wait List for 1 year trees shipped UPS this spring.

Our revolutionary new product!


The Ultimate Deer Attractant

In tests by Dr. James Kroll, deer chose Dunstan Chestnuts 100:1 over acorns! Now you can harness the attracting power of chestnuts with Chestnut Magic TM

The Best Food Plot Tree

The American Chestnut was the primary mast tree for wildlife in the eastern U.S., until it was killed by the Chestnut Blight. The blight resistant Dunstan Chestnut makes possible the replanting of the American hardwood forests with the tree that produces more high quality food per acre than oaks or other trees.

Video - R.D. Wallace discusses the Dunstan Chestnut

How to Plant a Chestnut Tree

Click the following link for detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to plant your new chestnut trees!

Dr. Deer: Chestnuts are Deer's Preferred Food

Learn how to plant Dunstan Chestnuts and other trees to attract deer with Dr. Deer, James Kroll on 'Build Your Own Deer Factory' segment in each show.

Video - Dr. Deer - Chestnuts are Deer's Preferred Food