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Chestnut Magic Ultimate Deer Attractant

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    Here is what people have to say about CHESTNUT MAGIC

     "I put Chestnut Magic out on a farm in NJ. You failed to tell me the deer would incur injuries when I use CM!!! I have does knocking the pee-pee out of each other trying to keep other deer from eating their CM! I had one doe stand her ground when a young six point buck tried to get at it! She ended up kicking him in the chin with an upper-cut. Awesome stuff! I’m going to take my video camera out to tape the Friday night fights. Where has this stuff been all my life? J
    - Peter Fiduccia - Host/Author > Woods N' Water's N.A. Big Game Adventures

    10/5/13 - Report from West Virginia:  I am happy to tell you the chestnut product worked great. It is the best attractant of this type I have used. The deer and specifically bucks ate it to the last bit, then pawed the ground to get any residual. They first picked out all the chestnuts, then continued eating the powder. I have had negative results with the acorn rage type products and have seen them sit on ground until they molded. I love your product! PLEASE SEE attached photos........ Bruce Ryan, Ryan Outdoors.

    - "It is apparent that the deer love Chestnut Magic. You will see in the attached photo that this Buck loved the stuff and wouldn't leave. He was there for a long time in the evening and came back at 1 am to eat more. I would recommend this as an attractant for game camera surveys. It may draw more deer in quicker than corn and could be mixed with corn to boost the attractant. I would also recommend it to be poured over a new mineral lick site to draw attention to the loose minerals establishing the site quicker." - Matt Ross, QDMA Branch President, PA

    -"We put it out on last Friday and the first night at 4am the biggest buck we had ever seen came in on our farm and ate it all.  It was incredible!" - Andy G., Regional Rep, GA

    -"They ate the dirt out from underneath it." -Glen G., Hunting Ranch Manager, GA

    -"They tore it up... I would like more to accompany my trip to Kansas this fall. Didn't take long for them to find it." -Kevin H., Engineering Company Owner, FL

    -"They hammered it - they ate every bit of it overnight. You could see where they were pawing the dirt trying to find more. These deer had never seen a chestnut before." - Steven B., National Sales Manager. AR

    -"I put some in the pan I feed deer behind my house and left it the first night. Normally, I rattle the pan and if the deer are in sight, they will slowly come over to investigate it. While these deer are used to seeing people they are still wary. The next night when I did the same thing, several of the does came running over when they heard the pan and came right up and ate the Chestnut Magic. They finished it off every day." - Andy C., Manufacturers Rep, FL

    Now you can harness the incredible power of Dunstan Chestnuts to attract and hold trophy deer where you hunt,  even if you do not have any Dunstan chestnut trees!  Tested and proven by Dr. Deer (Dr James Kroll), deer choose chestnuts 100:1 over acorns!  Deer evolved with chestnuts as their primary food for tens of thousands of years, and they seek out the nutritious nuts, which have up to 2x the protein and 4x the carbs of acorns, and no bitter taste! Check out this video taken by Dr. Kroll of huge bucks eating chestnuts at his ranch:


    Dunstan Chestnut Magic TM is the Ultimate Deer Attractant TM  .  It works anywhere you hunt - your own land, lease or public land.  Simply put it out like any attractant, and bring more to replenish it when you come to hunt. We have tested it in FL, TX, AL, GA, MI, WV, IL and PA - it works everywhere!  You can train your herd on your own land until your chestnut trees come into bearing, or use it to pull them in to any land you hunt.  Chestnut Magic TM is like having a Dunstan Chestnut tree in a bag!

    Order 5+ bags of Dunstan Chestnut Magic TM  and get FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING!