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Grafted American Persimmon

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    Deer Candy! Grafted female American Persimmon, will bear fruit in only 2-3 years. It is better to plant grafted persimmons as seedling trees are sometimes male and do not bear fruit. Medium sized persimmon, 1.25-1.5" long, one of Dr. Dunstan's selections.  Fruit has nutty flavor and usually ripens after a frost. Productive, bears in October. Cold hardy, Zones 6-9.

    Height: 30-50' 
    Foliage: Beautiful red-purple color in fall
    Fruit: Orange (when ripe) 1-1.5" fruit with 4-6 large flat seeds Oct-Nov
    Wildlife: One of very best for deer and wildlife.
    Pollination: Plant 2 or more American Persimmons trees for best production
    Light requirements: Full sun
    Soil type: Adapted to upland, wet if only seasonal and well drained or sandy clay or loam; Ph 6.0-7.0
    Fertilization: New trees planted in the winter won’t need fertilizer(10-10-10 fertilizer) until April or May.
    Pruning: Central leader
    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 6-9

    Trees are grafted in 1 gallon Rootmaker pots, 18-36" tall. IN STOCK


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